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The Cosmetologist Life Blog is my mini guide for cosmo students and new professional hair stylists. I'll provide tips and techniques to increase your income while growing a successful beauty career. Jump ahead of other stylists by learning insider secrets to maximize your paycheck!

Stay Healthy in Your Cosmetology Career

In order to stay healthy in your cosmetology career you need to be proactive.

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Professional Hair Stylist: One Path to Big Money

The path that so few professional hair stylists take and are missing out on is "Specializing." Why not do the service you love AND make great money!

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The Subtle Approach

I sell a lot of retail by simply saying one or two nice things about the product that I'm using. For instance; I'm doing a shampoo at the bowl, I convey

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Hairstylist Marketing TShirts

These awesome tshirts make marketing your hairstylist career so much easier!

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Top 3 Important Things to Take Care of Before Setting up Your New Salon

Set your salon up for success from the very beginning by using the latest in salon POS systems.

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Trying to Stay Professional

Help! We have a busy 5 chair salon and one very busy manicure station. The problem is with a few clients. We all dread them coming and deal with them the

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Professional Hair Stylist Shear Knowledge

Professional Hair stylist shear knowledge should be taught at every beauty school. It could save careers.

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Why Selling Retail in Your Salon is Your Job

Selling retail in your salon usually makes professional hairstylists gnash their teeth!

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Latoya Loves It!

I love what I do and love making people feel happy about themselves. I have always wanted to be a hairstylist!

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Salon Retail Ideas to Create a Retailing Culture

Salon retail ideas will support your stylists, making them and the salon a lot more money. Creating a salon retailing culture is your first priority to success.

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Cosmetologist School Opens the Door to Your Future

Cosmetologist School is the key that opens the door to a number of beauty careers.

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What the Top Hairstylist in Your Salon Knows

The top hairstylist in your salon knows a lot more than you think!

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Losing a Hairstylist in the Salon

Hairstylists come and go. If your salon is able to retain good stylists it is doing something right.

When a hairstylist leaves a salon there is always the concern that they will take clientele with them. Much of that depends on your type of salon and the stylists' client list realities. Many are not proactive enough to have all of the details of their clientele.

From my experience, the salon does not take much of a hit unless the hairstylist had been with the salon long term and had deep networking in place.

So how do you turn it around when you lose a stylist?

It is an industry standard to NOT tell clientele where a stylist has moved to. This shouldn't be a surprise. Salons are in business to make money.

What are you supposed to say when the client calls for an appointment with Gone Girl?

Try this: "I'm sorry. Gone Girl doesn't work with us any longer. However, we have other excellent stylists that would love to take care of you. I think you would enjoy "Whoever". She has been with us for several years and has an energizing personality. She has an opening ....... Will that work for you?"

You want to make sure that the clients feel they are still very welcome in your salon and that you will take good care of them.

What do you say when they ask where she moved to? You simply say, "I'm sorry but I really don't know."

Start Your Professional Hair Stylist Portfolio Today

Start Your Professional Hair Stylist Portfolio Today to Shoot for the Stars Tomorrow

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Have you considered selling hair product to kids?

Have you considered selling hair product to kids?

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How to Sell Nioxin in the Salon

If you stylists know how to sell Nioxin in the salon your retail sales will increase dramatically.

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Why You Shouldn't Booth Rent in the Beginning

While we were in Beauty School we all had stars in our eyes. Beauty School is a place for dreams. But we couldn't wait to get out and start making money!

We consider the options. Should I do an apprenticeship? Should I start in a neighborhood salon on commission? Should I begin my career in a franchise salon to gain experience? Or should I booth rent?

The answer depends on what is best for your particular situation and ambitions. However, booth rental should not be a consideration right out of beauty school.

On the surface it sounds like a wonderful option. Be my own boss, make my own hours, keep most of the money, come and go as I please.

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Let's look at the reality.

Yes, you are the boss, meaning everything is your own responsibility. This includes marketing, advertising, inventory, ordering product, paying for product, booking your clients, finding your clients, education and paying the bills. It is truly running your own business in every sense of the word.

As this may be great for experienced stylists with large clienteles, it is a lot to handle for a new stylist. In order to be successful at booth rental you must first have the built up client base that will follow you to ends of the earth. You must also be extremely organized, good with finances and focused on building a business.

In the beginning of your hairstylist career you need support, support from a team that can guide you, teach you, and help you when you get stuck on a client service. No one graduates school knowing all they need to know to be successful.

None of us got to where we are without help from other stylists.

You have a lifetime to grow your career in any direction you want. Do yourself a favor in the beginning and work among those who can help you achieve your desires.

Cosmetologist Branding Plan of Action to Success

Cosmetologist branding will totally take your career to wonderful places.

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Salon Upselling: How to Buy a New Car!

Salon upselling income samples to prove the power of the upsell.

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Hair Stylist Technical Interview Hot Tips to Secure Your Own Chair

I have some hair stylist technical interview tips to help you glide right through it.

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