Cosmetologist School
Opens the Door to
Your Future

Cosmetologist School is the key that opens the door to a number of beauty careers.

You may want a real career in beauty but not feeling like actually doing hair with clients.  That's ok.

Nowadays the landscape of the beauty industry has changed to accommodate just about anyone that has a desire to be a part of it.

Cosmetologist school gives you authority and credibility.

Cosmetologist School
Gives You Credibility

Let's say you want to be an account executive for a top beauty product line.  You may have a dynamic personality and be a beauty yourself, but back it up with a degree from a cosmetologist school and you have instant authority to fill that position.

Why?  Because you have the science behind the products, the working knowledge of its uses, and the ability (legally) to demonstrate the products on people.

As a licensed cosmetologist, you can work on real people. THIS gives you credibility!

If you were working in a salon and a rep showed up telling you how fabulous Olaplex is in rebuilding the bonds in the hair you will listen because this product can make you money.  Then you find out the rep isn't licensed and has never done hair. My question is:  Are you more likely to invest with an actual hairstylist who loves the product or a regular sales rep selling the product?  See my point?  CREDIBILITY.

Let's Look at some Doors
that Cosmetologist School can Open.

Professional Hair Stylist:  Cutting, coloring, styling clients in many different environments. Can specialize in any area such as bridal, color, mobile, extensions, curly, men, kids, etc.

Nail Tech:  Doing nails on clients.

Esthetician:  Working in a spa doing skin care procedures on clients.

Sales Rep or Account Executive:  Handling sales for major beauty product companies.

Cosmetologist School Instructor:  Teach at a cosmetologist school.

Waxing Specialist:  Make a living doing waxing services for men and women.

Salon Management:  Manage stylists and a salon business.

Salon Owner:  Open your own salon.

Booth Renter:  Do hair, nails and/or skin services at your own pace and pay someone else for your spot.

Makeup Artist:  Work for retail stores, beauty companies or freelance for just about anything you can think of.

Beauty Blogger:  Love to write but need to know what you are talking about? Go to cosmetologist school and learn it to get your web cred.

Platform Artist:  Do your thing on stage teaching others technique and trends.  Must be outgoing and able to dazzle and speak in front of an audience while working at the same time.

Educator:  Work for a salon chain or beauty company educating professionals on techniques and products.

Beauty Entrepreneur:  Innovate and invent products that benefit working professionals.

After Cosmetologist School

Now you know there are multiple options after graduation.  And over the course of a lifetime beauty career you could try them all if you wanted.  Your beauty career is 100% up to you.

However, as I will mention from time to time, there is no way on earth to learn all you will ever know about being a cosmetologist from attending beauty school.

But lucky YOU found this website and all the knowledge I have harvested over my career to push you to greater heights in YOURS.

I invite you to troll the nav bar to the left for powerful insight into interviewing for your first beauty job and specific techniques to put you way ahead of others!  If you even did 5% of the things I teach you, you will have a successful cosmetologist career.

I guarantee it!

Now find what is calling your name, go enroll in cosmetologist school TODAY and start your new life in the awesome beauty industry.  And come back often, subscribe to my blog, and I will keep pointed in the right direction.

Good Luck!