Beauty Career Planning

To fully maximize your potential as a cosmetologist you need a Beauty Career Plan.  Having an uber successful career takes work and planning, it doesn’t happen by accident.

  It happens by intent.

You wanted to be a licensed cosmetologist, right? You had the goal, you attended classes, you saw the finish line and crossed it.  Now you are a professional hair stylist who achieved your first goal, the first of many.

Now what is it you want to accomplish?  Do you want to be a platform artist, teaching other stylists awesome cutting techniques while you are on stage under the lights? (Man, that DOES sound good!)

You have a beautiful model under the cape but You are the one all eyes are on.  They are watching you with enthusiasm because you are about to teach them a skill they want to learn.

This pic was borrowed from  It is attached to an article called How to....Become a Platform Artist. Go check it out!  It's good to get your blood pumping and fuel your dreams.

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But right now you are a part time stylist working in a franchise salon.  Do you think the magic stylist fairy will swoop into your shop sprinkle you with pixie dust and turn you into a platform artist?  Not likely, BUT don’t fret pretty one.  It is possible to get there.

Do you know “how” I know its possible, even though I am not a platform artist?  Because there are platform artists.  That means they exist, and if they can do it SO CAN YOU!

The very first step to getting to any desire is to claim the goal as your own, or intend it.  I think goal setting comes in many shapes and sizes. 

You cannot skip this step! 

It is the basis for everything else we will learn to fully maximize your beauty career.  Without clearly defined goals on paper we have no direction, no path to follow.

With no clear direction you will find yourself with a job, not a beauty career.  Remember, other people’s control or your own personal consecutive achievement?  Your choice.

I couldn't have found a better spokesperson than Ursula Stephen to describe the passion of our industry and the personal fulfillment in being a stylist.  Listen to her heart as she demonstrates that your beauty dreams CAN come true!

Goal Setting, the easy way,
to MAXIMIZE your beauty career.     

Goal Setting is the first step in our career plan.  But in order to fully maximize your career there are supporting elements that will flesh out our plan.  Don't get your panties in a twist over the term "goal setting."  I know that sounds like hard work.  I promise it is easier than that. And fun. Goal setting the easy way is perfect for our creative cosmetologist minds. In fact, don't even think of it as goal setting. Think of it as 8 Moves to Achieve Your Beauty Career Dreams!.

Hack your way to Rock Star Status

No matter what your ultimate goal is there are many little things you can do to totally propel you ahead of other professionals making you a ROCK STAR!  (or at least making you look like a rock star)

We are going to use proven business techniques like the big boys use.  I will show you where to get FREE CONTINUING EDUCATION to constantly build your professional skill set.

I will share some absolutely awesome Personal Marketing strategies that would never cross your mind to get your name out there and build your beauty career.

 And we will address PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING.  It’s "not what you know but who you know" theory and how to totally use your contacts as a springboard to the next big move in your  beauty career.

The Game we Play is like Chess

It’s all about jockeying for position!  You have the talent and skills, but so do most stylists.  How are you different and why should people be paying attention to you?  We will show them how you are different and why they should pay attention.

You may be the next big thing!

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