Hair Schools for
Professional Hair Stylists
& Newbies

Hair schools can be in any number of formats.  You can go to cosmetologist school to get your hours that allow you to get your license. You can get free online tutorials, read magazines, subscribe to YouTube channels, go to professional product line classes, have classes brought to the salon, go to national hair shows and even take online webinars from

You can always get more education, and should.

The more you know the more valuable you are to a salon.  Also, the more you know and the better skills you possess, the more you can charge for your services.

Hair Schools are Out There

You have to search them out. Ironically, communication is not a strong suit in the beauty industry.  You can go for years working in your salon and not have any idea what is going on in the industry. 

They don't come looking for you, newbies.  You HAVE to go looking for them. You have to take control of your beauty career and steer it. You have to seek out your education opportunities.

And you have to INVEST in yourself before others will invest in you.  Our industry is a proving ground.  You have to earn everything you get.

However, proving yourself is relatively easy. Do you know why?

Because as much as people say they want it while in hair school, very few are willing to do what it takes to be the best hair stylist they can be.

Traditional hair schools will teach you the basics of hairdressing. These are your privately owned small schools and tech schools.

If you want the very best education to inspire you and give you marketable skills right out of hair school I suggest you go with the Big Boys!


Paul Mitchell


Toni & Guy


............just to name a few.

Online Hair Schools

I found Jon Reyman Pro at Premier Orlando. This is a fabulous online resource for professional hair stylists to learn the things they need help with.  There is a monthly subscription fee of $37 for individual stylists. There is also a salon membership for  $97 a month that provides education to all the stylists in your salon. Can you see how fast your skill set will grow when you commit to constantly developing? Before you know it you will be able to raise your prices.


Webinars are an excellent, inexpensive way to gain valuable education from leaders in our industry.  For example, how awesome is it to be taught by Tabatha Coffey for $30?

You can get access to some top talent teaching individual webinars on Behind the Chair University.

Another advantage, besides it being an affordable path to more education, is that you don't have to be a professional hair stylist yet to attend. (I think :)

Professional Product Line
Hair Schools

Besides a regular cosmetologist school program, many professional product lines offer specialized hair courses for licensed stylists.

I'm not going to lay them all out here because there are too many, but for example, I know American Crew has a training school in Denver.  The last time I looked a few years ago it was about $1000 to attend.

Paul Mitchell has an advanced academy for professional hair stylists.

This is a real investment in your beauty career.  Is it worth it to you? Do you need it to get where you want to go?

Or do you need to go to NYC and take classes from Redkin?

You Just Need to Dig

The beauty industry is vast.  I can't supply you with every contact available. I don't know what your specific needs are.

But I can help give you direction.

If you want to be a hair extension specialist, research the best hair extension companies by staying current in our trade magazines like Modern Salon and Launchpad.  I know that hair extension classes are offered by these companies to help you sell their product.

If color is your thing, research your favorite color companies and see what classes they offer.

Being certified from these programs will help you with credibility and add to your resume. Skills equal $$$$.

Every time you attend a class or take a course remember to keep a record of it to add to your resume.  You never know when it will come in handy.  Every move we make is to maximize your beauty career.  Every step along the path COUNTS and adds value to your career.

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