The Outlook for Beauty Careers

I have great news! There is a very bright future for your Beauty Career!

If you are on the fence wondering whether there is a solid future for you as a cosmetologist put your mind at ease

How Good is it? 

That's a fair question. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the United States cosmetologists will see an estimated 13% increase in job growth from 2012-2022. This would include all occupations covered by a cosmetology license.

As you know in our fast paced world some careers can grow like crazy  (like computer techs) while some may even become obsolete.

There used to be door to door vacuum cleaner salesmen! But alas, we see them no more.  Why? Because commerce evolved.  Super stores started opening across America and there was no need for door to door salesmen any more.

But guess what!?  You won't ever see that happen to the beauty industry! 

Someone once thought they would put hairdressers out of business by inventing the "Flowbee." Sorry, but a vacuum cleaner cutter will never replace the human touch! I'd like to see it do highlights!!

Nice try though! ;)´╗┐

Your Beauty Career Looks Great

First of all, you have unlimited opportunities!!

Having a beauty career and holding a cosmetology license means the world is your oyster. You literally have an abundance of options. There are quite a few paths as a professional hair stylist alone! (link will open in new window.) Or hop to Your Cosmo Career!

You may love makeup and think that there is no way you could make a living just doing makeup.  But you would be wrong.  I'm not saying it will be super easy.  I am saying that with some proper cosmetologist career planning you can make it anywhere you want to go.

I received this awesome inforgraphic from David with NCC Home Learning in the UK.  The currency is different but I love the diversity it shows for your potential beauty career!

I'll give you some more options to consider, and this is only a partial list.  Because within each option are more options!

  • Bridal Hair Stylist
  • Men's Hair Stylist
  • Kids Hair Stylist
  • Colorist
  • Natural Hair Stylist
  • Black Hair Stylist
  • Hair Styling
  • Fashion Hair Stylist
  • Photographer's Hair Stylist
  • Celebrity Hair Stylist
  • Nail Tech
  • Esthetician
  • Electrolocyst
  • Barber
  • Master Barber
  • Hair Extension Specialist
  • Makeup Artist
  • Skin Care Professional
  • Mobile Hair Stylist
  • Elder Hair Stylist
  • Platform Artist
  • Technical Educator
  • Product Educator
  • Sales Representative
  • Account Executive
  • Salon Manager
  • Salon Owner
  • Regional Manager
  • State Board Inspector
  • Retail Rep

And second, how far you take your career is solely up to you!  But lucky for you, you found Cosmetologist Life!  I'm here to help you take that beauty career to great heights.  On this site you will find most of what you need to plan out your professional career.  (And what you don't find I'm sure I am working on!)

What Kind of Future Do You Want?

Right now you are researching careers and you are very interested in a Cosmetologist Career.  What kind of future are you wanting?  If you want something calm, slow paced, where you sit at a desk and don't have to deal with people it's time to look elsewhere.

A Beauty Career is going to be full of surprises!  You will meet new people every day. You will be running from place to place, no matter which of the above options interests you.  It's a fast paced, exciting career that can be very fulfilling if you have the passion for it.

If you are still wondering if this is the life for you go to for a free career assessment test. They can help "steer" you in the right direction!! (sorry, I couldn't help myself)

Your future income projections

Let Madam Christy give her Magic 8 Ball a shake for you!!!

Shake, shake, shake.....

The Magic 8 ball says, "Outlook Good."

Whew.....that's good news, huh?
Wow, wait a minute.  I'm getting a message from beyond! 

I'm hearing it clearly's saying, "Your future income is anything you decide it to be."

My interpretation of that message is the outlook for your beauty career is good.  Unlimited potential awaits you.  But not everyone needs the same things.  Some are perfectly content with $20,000 a year while others don't feel comfortable making under $50,000,  Then you have the few over achievers that want the 6 figure incomes.

A six figure income is absolutely do-able but it takes a real commitment to career development on your part. And it's usually the over-achievers that accomplish this.

What category do you fall in?  Check out Cosmetologist Salary samples to get an idea how it works.

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