Professional Hair Stylist: 
One Path to Big Money  

You are a professional hair stylist.  That means you are a licensed professional:

  • hairdresser
  • waxer
  • colorist
  • braider
  • manicurist
  • esthetician
  • hair cutter

Even though you may not be very good at most of it you are still a licensed professional cosmetologist.

When you are in cosmetology school you are trying to figure out where you will be working.  The first thing you do when you get your license is look for a salon.

Most find a salon, get a job and if they don't like it go find another one.  Before you know it you have become a salon hopper.  Then 20 years down the road you are still hopping! AND making about the same amount of money.  Not great money.

Take Control of the Direction of your Career

At any time though you can take control of your career as a professional hair stylist.  If you are at that point, check out this path to making big money.

It's specializing in one particular service!

Check this out!  As a professional hair stylist in the salon you are doing a multitude of services.  On any typical day you are doing color, cut, styling, shampooing, straightening, curling, waxing, etc.  And this may be exactly what you want to do, which is fine.

BUT WHAT loved doing hair extensions more than anything.  For some reason seeing the result of a full head of extensions just does it for you!  You get a lot of satisfaction in your result.  That is your passion. But in between these clients you are doing all the rest of the services too.  And let's say that the extensions are a $500 service and haircuts are a $50 service.  You would need to do 10 haircuts to equal the price of one extension service.  And STILL extensions is your favorite thing to do!

My question to you would be:  Why aren't you only doing extensions?!

Maybe you never thought about it.  Maybe you didn't think it is possible. How would you even go about it?

Benefits of Specializing
as a Professional Hair Stylist

Let's look at the benefits of specializing in one particular service vs. all services offered in the salon.

Being an "Expert" in one thing, because if you specialize in one thing you become the salon Expert in that thing, will...

  • Reduce Your Competition
  • Increase Your Visibility
  • Provide Word of Mouth Growth
  • Hone Your Expertise
  • Give You the Ability to Charge More for Your Service
  • Separate You from Average Professional Hair Stylists
  • Make you the Go-To Stylist for that Particular Service
  • Be More Fun.

Professional Hair Stylist, Do What You Love!

If you are interested in exploring the path of specializing in a salon service you really need to read my Ebook called, " Make Big Money as a Specialist with your Favorite Salon Service."

I give you a case study of a stylist who wanted to do Bridal Hair only.

I walk you through the steps  to grow your career from salon stylist to Expert "whatever you want to do."

Here is the Table of Contents for Make Big Money as a Specialist with your Favorite Salon Service.

This 11 year old boy has already chosen his specialty:  Celebrity Hair Stylist!

What if I'm not that good at what I love?

There has never been a better time in history to easily learn ANYTHING!

Youtube all the videos you can find on your specialty.  Or check out some professional hair stylist tutorials that cost a few bucks on Behind the Chair.

Keep practicing your techniques until you are efficient and proficient enough to charge for them.  Then follow the branding steps in my ebook to set yourself for a successful career!

Share what you want to Specialize in!

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