Stay Healthy in Your
Cosmetology Career

In order to stay healthy in your cosmetology career you have got to be proactive!  Think of me as the ghost of Cosmetology Career Future.  I am the poster child of TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

My cosmetology career is coming to an end very soon.  My arthritis and age are wearing me down.  My cutting time has slowed.  I need to rest more often.  I can't do a full 40 hour week.  And due to discomfort while working, I'll admit I get a little grumpy.

But I guess it's to be expected.  I didn't start my cosmetology career until I was 44!  But honestly, I keep up with girls in their 20's who have been cutting hair for 10 years because they have the aches and pain too.

Think about this:  For a large portion of your day at work you are standing in one spot with your arms elevated.  This puts strain on your shoulder and neck muscles and is tough on your back.  With limited movement in your legs, they become tired quickly.  So to stay healthy in your cosmetology career you need to say stretched to counter these repetitive and damaging positions.

Weight Management and the Salon

ANo judgement here, but if you are more Buddha's size and cutting hair in the salon I know you are in some pain.  Just 20 lbs. over your ideal weight makes your heart beat faster, tires you out quicker, and puts more pressure on your joints.  Gravity is a bitch!

There are endless reasons we each have to lose weight if you are not where you should be for optimum health.  Personally, I have guilt with every bite.  It's not a fun place to be, I know.

Being in the salon so much comes with its' own challenges when it comes to eating right!  Most of the time you are trying to grab a bite between clients.  And how many stylists are guilty of coming to work with no lunch?! Lots.  So they call out for fast food.  Not the answer.

If you are looking for an easy, compatible with salon life, nutritious way to drop some weight, and fast, check out The Smoothie Diet:  21 Day rapid weight loss program.

It's always a good idea to keep a healthy snack in your bag in case of that extra high maintenance client you can't leave.  I keep the 100 calorie packages of almonds with me, just in case.

Dealing with Back Pain

If you work in a salon you have felt back pain FOR SURE.  The luxury of keeping your income flowing is dependent on the state of your body, but your back is your support.  No way can we continue to service our clients if we can't move due to back pain.  Not only is it disheartening to feel back pain all day but it can also affect your ability to raise your arms to do your job.

Stretching is one activity you can not ignore if you want to have a lasting cosmetology career. There are specific stretches we can do to alleviate pain and strengthen supportive muscles.

If you are truly a back pain sufferer I encourage you to listen to this back pain breakthrough story!  This technique has helped thousands and will give you relief as well.  I'm doing it myself and it is incredible how much my back pain has diminished.  Some days I forget I have back issues!  And it's not expensive but worth every penny.