Cosmetologist Life
is about how I can make you succeed! 

Hey new cosmetologists and very soon to be's! I am going to show you insider secrets to a successful beauty career that will change the way you manage your career and take you to wonderful places that increase your income!

Hi everybody. My name is Christy and I am a professional cosmetologist, stylist advocate and career coach. 

I have a weird ability to gather info, test methods, and look at salon life from an interesting angle.

       And my passion in life is helping hair stylists and other salon professionals MAKE MONEY to support their families.

You have so much POTENTIAL!
Do you know that??

I will be your cosmetologist guide on this journey of discovering your real potential. Think of me as your hair buddy that wants you to succeed.  As long as I can remember I have always enjoyed showing people loopholes and back doors to achieving results quickly.

You might say I'm into shortcuts!  But I'm also into goal setting and finding solutions to problems. 

Lucky for you!  Because I love to use these skills to help professional  hair stylists and other beauty professionals work proven systems to achieve maximum results. 

 I can help you take your career further and make more money!

But there is one little catch.  I can show you awesome techniques.  I can teach you mind blowing tips.  I can even demonstrate a little trick to make people like you when you first meet them. But ultimately it is up to you!

If you were to ask every person with a cosmetologist license if they wanted to succeed I'm sure the vast majority would say YES. 

 However, the reality is people say it but they don't mean it

Sure they "want" to be successful. 

Everyone wants to be successful.

But how many are willing to do everything they can to insure it?  Not many I promise you.  Which one are you?

You are a professional cosmetologist, right?
(Or will be very soon!)

So here's the deal.  I'll give you the guidance, the advice, the know-how, the techniques and YOU make the personal commitment to do everything in your power to be the best professional you can be. 

 If you just incorporate a little bit of the goods you will find here you will still be ahead of the pack!

The only person that can stop you from achieving excellence is YOU!

What makes ME so special,
you ask?

I have an interesting background.

  • I am a licensed cosmetologist in 4 states.
  • I have a Bachelor's Degree in Communications with a major in Advertising.
  • I am a competitive Black Belt in martial arts with many First Place trophies.
  • I was a Certified Healing Touch Instructor.
  • I was a top manager in a franchise chain and nominated for Manager of the Year out of 900 stores because of my ability to train staff and grow salons from the inside out.
  • I have written training programs for years that show people how to get fast results through special techniques and shortcuts. I am RESULTS driven!

All of this education and experience work together to give me a unique set of skills that will benefit you in a big way.  I am known for doing my own research and development to find creative solutions to salon issues.

I know what I'm doing!  And I can help you get to the next level in your career.

It's been my observation that most cosmetologists dream in the beginning but lose their passion somewhere along the way.  Most never rise above average.  And that is ok if you are not an ambitious type.

But if you want more out of your beauty career, if you dare to dream and reach for the stars, I can steer you in the right direction.

It isn't hard!  You just have to know how to work SMART and apply a few secrets that will jump you to head of the line.

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