Cosmetologist Life is here to help you make the absolute most out of your beauty career!

Whatever stage you are in, there is info here that is invaluable to your career development.

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Cosmetologist Life will support your career in unimaginable ways.

Here, you will find valuable insight into our business that will literally skyrocket your career in the industry.

I will show you things you never thought of, and very few use, to propel your career to higher levels!

Working in the beauty industry is a wonderous thing. It is a very rewarding profession and lot's of fun too if you are doing the thing that you love. 

And within the profession are unlimited opportunities.

You can specialize in any area where your passion takes you and make a decent living in the process.  Even during downturns in the economy our line of work never gets hit like others.


Because people will ALWAYS pay to look good.  Yippie! That's great news for our wallets.  Ka-ching!!

But like any other profession there are those that Excel to Great Heights...... and some that barely get by.´╗┐

If you are considering a career as a cosmetologist, meaning hairstylist, esthetician or nail tech, you are wondering what the reality is and is it right for you? 

If you are a cosmetology student right now you can't wait to graduate and start working in the salon making that money!

Beautiful red hair color stylist

And if you are a new licensed professional you may be wondering what you can do to insure a more profitable future.

I Can Help You Kick Your Cosmetologist Career Up a Notch!

I am all about helping new salon professionals work every angle available to maximize their earning potential and advance their careers.  I think of myself as a salon "hacker."

I was once a single working mother starting my beauty career with very little guidance.  I did the best I could at the time, but over the years I have harvested some potent knowledge through experience and research. 

 And I can't wait to share that knowledge with YOU!

So if you are serious about having a successful and personally fulfilling cosmetologist career then hang around because there is much to learn. 


You would think that beauty school would provide you with all you need to be successful but that is just not the case. In fact, don't be surprised when you graduate if you can't cut hair. (That is kind of an industry joke.)  Anyway, we will get to that. 

I am your #1 advocate and career coach! 

 Want to make more money?

I'll show you the in's and out's and specific things to do.

Want to win a job over your competition?

I'll give you techniques that blow them out of the water.

Do you dream of being a fashion hair stylist?

I will show you how to make a road map to take you to your heart's desires!´╗┐

Stick with me NEW Professionals (and soon to be's) and together we will color your career BEAUTIFUL!!

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I can't wait!

Let's get started.

Where are you NOW?

Considering Cosmetology School?

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Working professional looking for income increasing techniques?

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