Learn to Sell Nioxin
to Increase Salon Sales

If your stylists know how to sell Nioxin in the salon your retail sales will increase dramatically.

Nioxin is a high ticket item. Commission on $30 shampoo is much better than a $15 bottle of shampoo.

Not only do you increase sales in the short term but the long term as well, as Nioxin users become dependent on the benefits it provides.

The Mistake that Most Stylists Make
When Trying to Sell Nioxin

Nioxin is a system for thinning hair. I hear stylists trying to sell Nioxin by saying it grows hair. However, this is not the selling point of Nioxin. Nioxin is not a medication. Minoxidil is.

People with thinning hair are desperate for a solution. They hear what they want to hear. But don't go down this road of touting regrowth.

When a guest purchases Nioxin in the salon under the promise of hair regrowth, they likely won't purchase it in the future when they have run out. Why? Because it didn't grow hair in the 2 months they were using the product.

So what's the answer?

We will sell Nioxin from the angle it is intended!

We will sell Nioxin with the promise of fuller, thicker, and better performing hair.

But we won't just talk about it, we will give them the EXPERIENCE of Nioxin during their salon visit.

Thinning Hair Trivia:

95% of male pattern baldness is due to sensitivity to the male sex hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Hairy men are 70% more likely to go bald. (back, neck & shoulder hair)

Thinning can be the result of many contributing factors like medication, stress, poor nutrition, illness and genetics.

Hair follicles becoming finer is a process called miniaturization.

The Nioxin Discussion

Sometimes a guest will come right out and say, "I'm losing my hair!" Women will, anyway, because they want a solution NOW.

Men, on the other hand, are different. Some will joke that they are thinning, some don't care, but most will not approach the subject on their own.

So how do you tactfully start the conversation that there is a thinning issue and you have a solution?

Option One:

During the consultation, ask the guest one of several discovery questions.

  • Do you have any concerns about your hair?
  • What is something about your hair that you don't like?
  • Is there any issue you have about your hair that I could help you with today?

Women will address it immediately while men may or may not.

If a man says, "No, nothing" then he is probably unconcerned with the thinning and is in the stage of "acceptance."

If he says, "Yeah, I'm going bald" then he just opened the door for you to sell Nioxin.

Option Two:

This one takes a bit of nerve. While cutting the hair, comment that the guest has very fine, limp, or brittle hair.

(I'm a male grooming specialist. What I know is to never use the words bald, thinning or limp to men!)

Ask this question:

"If I could turn you on to something that would give your hair body, thickening, strength and better performance while extending the life of your hair, would you be interested?"

If they say No, they truly don't care about balding.

If they say Yes, they opened the door for you to sell Nioxin.

Option Three:

Address it at the shampoo bowl while you are shampooing their hair WITH NIOXIN.

It sounds like this:

"Joe, your hair feels very fine to me. Today I'm shampooing you with Nioxin.  This is our #1 product line for added body, strengthening and density. You will be able to see the difference when we are done. Nioxin thickens each strand of hair giving it a fuller appearance immediately. It also extends the life of hair. My clients tell me they stop seeing their hair in the sink when using it.

I'm also going to use the Scalp Therapy conditioner so you receive the full benefit of a Nioxin treatment today."

Use the "Nioxin Treatment"
as a Complementary Upgrade

Every client likes getting something good for nothing. You are already charging them for the shampoo service. Simply back bar Nioxin Cleanser and Scalp Therapy.

Tell your client you are doing a complementary upgrade with the Nioxin Treatment today. After using Nioxin Cleanser and Nioxin Scalp Therapy at the shampoo bowl, use the Nioxin Scalp Treatment before finishing the style.

Demonstrate to the guest how the product is used. Educate them. Walk them through the 3 steps of the Starter Kit.

Finish the style.

Have them feel their hair while in the chair!

This is the moment of truth. I am never disappointed. Nioxin changes the texture of the hair. What was brittle and lifeless now has fullness and body. The hair also performs better than before.

The guest can literally see and feel the difference.

Many times you see hope on the faces of guests that felt defeated by the hand they were dealt.

Closing the Nioxin Sale

Nioxin isn't cheap. For some, the price tag is a big obstacle.

It is easier to sell Nioxin to women than men because women will do anything to hang on to their hair.

Here is good way to overcome the cost to a MAN:

"The Starter Kit for Nioxin is $44, but it will last you about 2 months. You only need a dime size amount to get a full lather and condition. Same with the Scalp Treatment foam. Use it sparingly and it will last longer than you think. Then it should cost around $20 a month to keep up your regimen. I know it is more than you usually spend for shampoo but this is a treatment for your hair. And isn't it worth $20 a month to keep your hair strong, fuller and growing in healthy?"

They are probably still feeling their hair right now. You have set the Nioxin Starter Kit on the counter and they are thinking.

If they won't commit now, set them up for the future. When you give them your business card or appointment card write on the back Nioxin.com.

Tell them to check out the Nioxin website for more information on the product line.  It is a highly professional site that offers the consumers answers to thinning questions along with client testimonials.

Remember to make a note in the guest file that you had the Nioxin discussion on this date and did the Nioxin treatment. This way you can address it on their next visit. Also, he may return to purchase and notes will prove you should earn the commission.

DOES Nioxin Re-Grow Hair?

You can get a lot of different answers to this question depending on who you ask. Remember, a persons' perception is their own reality.

I will only give you my personal experience as a professional hairstylist.

The Nioxin company says No. I called them and asked.

However, I have seen with my own eyes the appearance of LESS scalp, leading you to believe there must be re-growth.

But what I believe is really happening is the Nioxin technology of hair science is thickening each strand, giving the appearance of fuller, denser hair. And this covers the scalp more.

I had a new client who was in his early 20's. He was using Nioxin religiously. I cut his hair and he asked me how bad the thinning in the crown was progressing. I said, "What thinning?"

This was our first appointment so I didn't know his history. He grabbed the mirror from me to look at his crown.  You couldn't see any scalp. You could before. He got tears in his eyes!

He may or may not have experienced some re-growth. But the scalp was now an optimal environment for his hair to grow through healthy and strong. I'm sure the system was cleansing his scalp of excess follicle blocking sebum and allowing his hair to mature in its' growth process.

Was he happy? You bet he was.

Are you going to see a full head of new growth like a Men's Hair Club commercial? No, you won't.

Will Nioxin improve your hairs' quality of life? Absolutely.

So do yourself a favor and sell Nioxin with promises it can keep. It is still a miracle for many.