Selling Hair Product to Kids

Selling hair products to kids is worth your time.

Most professional hair stylists don't give that market much thought. In fact, we are happy to get them in and out as quick as possible, right?

Ask any stylist. 9 times out of 10 they will tell you they don't like doing kid guests. But you know what?  It's mostly because of the parent that comes with the child, not the child herself!

I once had a mother tell me her 10 year old was too young to use product. I thought to myself, "Well he has hair doesn't he?"

Do you really expect me to try selling hair product to kids?

Yes, I do.

Because every client counts, every dollar counts when we are maximizing our beauty career.

Now I will concede that the kids don't have the wallet.  They have something more valuable, mommy's heart strings.  And mommy's heart strings are directly connected to her wallet.

Selling hair product to kids is no more difficult than the average guest.  Their hair has challenges just like adult hair.

If you are a parent you know that your kids' appearance is a reflection on you as a parent.  If they look a mess people assume you are a bad parent.

One of the biggest hooks for selling anything is to appeal to emotion. 

Where kids are involved there is a lot of emotion.

How we are selling
hair product to kids.

I have my biggest success selling hair product to kids when they are 10-17.  The teen market is probably the easiest.

We live in a vain culture. (Thank goodness for us professional hair stylists!) Many of these kids care about what they look like. They are besieged with images of the popular and beautiful.

So what is our game plan?

We find the challenges as professional hair stylists and demonstrate the solution.

You know this young man has a challenge.  He wants his hair to stand up all day long and not fall.  It's very important to him to maintain his Mohawk! His reputation at school is on the line. He is definitely going to need Spyker Gel by Joico. (And by the look he is giving you, you better not be out!)

1.  Find a hair challenge and demonstrate the hair solution to the parent.

Talk about any hair issue with the parent. (In a very tactful manner. Kids are easily embarrassed. Win the young client over by demonstrating you are on their side.)

For example:  Hey Mom, Chelsea's hair is so thick with lots of body.  You must spend a lot of time in the morning getting it brushed out.  We have some wonderful de-tangling spray that I'm using.  It works like a charm! I only used a few spritzes and the brush slid right through her hair.

2.  Educate the young guest and the parent at the same time.

For example:  Matthew, you know how you like to wear your hair spikey in the front?  I'm going to show you what to use and how much to use to get your hair to stay spikey all day.  I'll teach you so you can do it yourself in the morning.

Or:  Mom, Morgan's hair is retaining a lot of chlorine from being on the swim team.  It's making her hair very brittle.  If she will use this Paul Mitchell Shampoo III, it will remove the chlorine and her hair will go back to healthy and manageable.

3.  Show a young guest how to have a Hair Style instead of a Hair Cut.

Example: Use the 411 Method.

Hunter, do you want me to show you a few different ways you can wear this haircut? Great! I'm going to use this American Crew Forming Cream, it's a styling paste. You take about this much and rub it in your hands to warm it up. Then run it through your hair and push the hair wherever you want it. (Show him 4 different ways he can wear his hair cut by using this one product.)

The young client will probably be jazzed after this and beg mom for the Forming Cream  It works for me all the time!

Have you been turned on to GLOP AND GLAM YET?

What an awesome way to find a niche!  Great products, great market opportunity.

The Upside to selling
hair product to kids.

Get a kid hooked on hair product and you have a client for as long as you want them.

They will purchase product from you for years to come while thinking you are an absolute genius.

Kids are very loyal to professional hair stylists. Who knows, one day you will probably be cutting their kids hair!

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