The Subtle Approach

by Samantha Braiterman
(Tucson, Arizona)

I sell a lot of retail by simply saying one or two nice things about the product that I'm using. For instance; I'm doing a shampoo at the bowl, I convey to my guest that I'm using Color Conserve Shampoo, I then tell them that it makes a nice lacey lather and you can even run your fingers through easily. They ususally comment about how great it smells and how good the shampoo feels. I don't say anything else. When I'm styling, I use a cocktail of products to style their hair. As I use the product, I say one or two nice things about each product and line them up in the order that I used them right at the front of my station so that they can see what I'm using and the product. Example: "So to get the volume and shine, I'm going to start with Phimoliant Mousse. It's got a light consistancy that isn't tacky, and it gives great volume and shine!" Then I move onto the next product and as I'm using it, I say a few nice things about it, like the one before, and so on. Mentally, they're taking notes and you're giving them a visual of the product. They also see what each product does separately and they understand how it's beneficial to their specific needs. It subtley puts it in their mind, and when you give them that great blow-dry, they want what you're using.
When I'm done with my service, I walk with my guest to the retail area and show them what we used and again explain why. I take the product off of the shelf, line them up on the front desk while I'm standing next to them, I thank them and usually, they buy atleast two or three of three products we used. I let the receptionist close by checking them out. I think that politeness and walking up to the retail area with them finishes the service instead of walking behind the desk and creating a barrier between my guest and me. Staying next to them, leaves me open and approachable. It makes them feel as though they have a choice with no pressure and it also conveys that I truly care about them. Having the receptionist close the sale makes me less of a sales person and more like the expert that I am. They don't associate me with the sale, they associate me with their great looking and feeling hair. It also demonstrates that you're an expert recommending these products for their benefit, not making a "sale," for yours.

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Mar 13, 2018
The True Professional Approach
by: Christy

Samantha, I agree completely with your approach to selling professional product to your clients! And I love the way you included the perspective of the client. For those stylists that feel timid about approaching a sale you demonstrate how you are really "servicing" them with recommendations for their specific needs. You are building trust and loyalty as well. Thanks for sharing your experience with other stylists!

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