Beauty School Dropout Lyrics, along with my valued insight.

Beauty School Dropout Lyrics

Your story sad to tell,
A teenage ne'er do well,
Most mixed up non-delinquent on the block.Your future's so unclear now,
What's left of your career now?
Can't even get a trade in on your smile.

Beauty school dropout,
No graduation day for you.
Beauty school dropout,
Missed your mid-terms and flunked shampoo.

Well at least you could have taken time,
To wash and clean your clothes up.
After spending all that dough,
To have the doctor fix your nose up.

Baby get movin,
(Better get movin)
Why keep your feeble hopes alive?
What are you provin?
(What are you provin)
You've got the dream but not the drive.

If you go for your diploma you could join the steno pool.
Turn in your teasin' comb and go back to high school!

Beauty school dropout,
(Beauty school dropout)
Hanging around the corner store.
Beauty school dropout
(Beauty school dropout)
It's about time you knew the score.

Well they couldn't teach you anything,
You think you're such a looker.
But no customer will go to you,
Unless she was a hooker!

Baby don't sweat it.
(Don't sweat it)
You're not cut out to hold a job.
Better forget it,
(Forget it)
Who wants their hair done by a slob?

Now your bangs are curled,
Your lashes twirled,
But still the world is cruel,
Wipe off that angel face and go back to high school.

Baby don't blow it,
Don't put my good advice to shame!
Baby you know it,
Even dear Abby'd say the same!

Now I've called the shot,
Get off the pot,
I really gotta fly,
Gotta be going to that malt shop in the sky.

Beauty school dropout
(Beauty school dropout)
Go back to high school
Beauty school dropout
(Beauty school dropout)
Go back to high school
Beauty school dropout
(Beauty school dropout)
Go back to high school

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Richard Finch / Harry Casey

Beauty School Dropout lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

No worries.  Beauty School Dropout will NOT be about YOU!  When you tell your friends & family that you are going to beauty school someone is always going to start singing this song from Grease!

Cosmetologist Life Lessons gleaned from

Beauty School Dropout Lyrics

  1. If you don't get your act together you may be doomed before you get started.
  2. If you keep skipping class your graduation day keeps getting further away. Hours are king!
  3. Arrive at school every day looking like a professional.
  4. If you want to live your dream you have to put in the effort.
  5. Make your education your priority while you are there.
  6. Pretty on the outside doesn't make you pretty on the inside.
  7. The best clients appreciate a positive attitude
  8. Listen to those who have been where you want to go. Get a mentor.
  9. Believe in yourself and your dreams. They were put there for a reason.
  10. Now get busy and make your dreams come true!

Anyone who doesn't like Frenchie just doesn't have a heart!

And if you are a hair person there is no way you can't appreciate the cool factor of these head pieces.

Why YOU won't be the Dropout!

Remember how I keep saying your cosmetologist career is in your own hands? Well the responsibility for your beauty education is too.

Yes, I know some cosmetologist dropouts.

There are 2 MAIN reasons people won't finish beauty school.

  1. Someone made them go and they have no personal interest in it. (It's very hard to clock those hours when you could care less)
  2. DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So unless you fall into either of those categories I would say you will most likely graduate!

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