Find Your
Cosmetologist Muse....
Your Own Gift to the
World of Beauty.

 Your cosmetologist muse is your personal inspired genius. It's the passion within you that ignites when you are doing what you love most.

If you want your career to soar to great heights, build beyond your dreams, carry you through life with great success you will need to find your cosmetologist muse.

Specializing is trending and will continue to be a pathway for people to build their reputations. 

Being in cosmetology school is a good place to start finding your muse, and it won’t take long.  Before you know it you will catch yourself trying to learn all you can about one specific thing. 

Why should you find your muse? I know, you want to be a stylist!  You want to do it all.   I get it. And you can have a sustaining career without a muse. 

But darling, your muse, your inspired genius will lead you to a niche market that you can live happily in and prosper!

 Let's consider for a moment what a niche looks like. 

Niche’ activity for which a person is best fitted. A sub-category of a larger category.

Cosmetology is our category, doing braids would be a sub-category of cosmetology.

Example:  She really found her niche’ when she started doing braids.

(She feels inspired when doing braids. She is good at it and people love what she does!  Everyone wins. She listened to her Cosmetologist Muse.)

Meet Taki                       

Taki is a tattoo artist in Los Angeles who specializes in Japanese traditional tattoos.  Though Taki is a great tattoo artist people don’t come to him for flash.  Instead he has a year long waiting list for people coming to him for traditional Japanese works of art for their bodies.  There is history behind this art and rules that make this specific art form desirable by many.  These clients are looking for authentic Japanese art tattoos and know they will be wearing a true piece of artwork.  Does Taki mind that no one wants him to do portrait pieces? NO! He has a love of traditional Japanese tattoos and is happy to do them only.  Not only is he happy because he is making a living doing what he loves but he is getting rich doing it.  He has a niche market that continues to build.  He has developed his skills in this art and is known for his Japanese work.  He is very happy with the success of his career and his clients are very happy to wait and pay high dollar for a “Taki Japanese Piece.”

In the example above, Tattoo artistry is the main category while Traditional Japanese Tattoos are Taki’s niche. 

I am encouraging you to work on finding your muse now because your career development will be greatly enhanced if you specialize. 

 Imagine how you can become a “Taki.”

Your Many, Many Choices as a Professional Cosmetologist!

You may be thinking about now that you have no idea what your muse will be.  Don't sweat it, honestly.  It will show itself to you one day when you realize that you really really really like doing one thing while not digging something else.

I am a cutter. I've always been a cutter.  There is absolutely nothing I enjoy more in salon walls than cutting hair.  I have a scissor fetish too.  I love everything with a blade. Color, extensions, rollers, blowouts? Not for me.  So guess what?  I specialize in what I love...Male grooming.  And it has made me very happy, not rich, but happy.

Quality of life is a major concern to me personally.  Why spend your time doing something that doesn't give you joy?

Gimme, gimme, gimme.

You know you have found your muse when you catch a glimpse of it and your heart beats faster, a big smile comes across your face and you get goosebumps! 

This my muse..                    the male head of hair.

If you have already met your muse, good for you.                      Embrace it, live it, breathe it!                                               

Your muse is your guide to success.

She wants you to be happy and successful!

Only you know what is right for you.  Your passion, your flame, your muse is something that you know by the feeling it gives you.

What inspires you?

  • Updo's
  • Color
  • Blowouts
  • Chemicals
  • Extensions
  • Nails
  • Skin
  • Fashion Hair
  • Photo shoots
  • Working for yourself
  • Being in a high end salon
  • Working with youth
  • Working with older people
  • Braiding
  • Weaves
  • Cutting
  • Men
  • Women
  • Styling
  • Bridal
  • Funeral Hair (don't laugh, some find reward in giving dignity to those passed)
  • Teaching
  • Selling
  • Organizing
  • Marketing
  • Managing People

The list is endless and thank God not everyone has the same muse.

How is Your Muse Valuable?

Imagine if every licensed cosmetologist only wanted to do what I love, cutting hair.

How would this benefit all people?  Who would be there to do the senior ladies roller sets? Who would do my girls' weave? (She wouldn't want me, I assure you)

The world of beauty would be a hot mess! 

This is only my personal belief, but I believe everyone has something in life in which they are specifically suited.  I always heard that it doesn't benefit the world to hide your light under a bushel.

Now imagine if only 5% of licensed cosmetologists specialized in that one thing that they are great at. 

Can you see how valuable those cosmetologists would be?

Let's say you have 2 licensed cosmetologists, Sara and Tiffany.  Sara is a good stylist working in a nice salon for 5 years with a decent clientele. She has worked for those five years, not on anything special, but steadily working on clients doing everything from perms to cuts to basic color. She makes a decent living and is content with her life.

That's a good thing, btw! But we are not talking about maintaining the status quo. We are exploiting techniques that put us ahead of the pack and pushes our beauty career to a higher level!

If you want to blossom as a stylist read on.

Tiffany has been working in the same salon for the past 2 years and has a slightly larger clientele.  Tiffany loves doing color. Yes, she can cut hair and does an occasional perm but she tries to spend as much time as possible on color.  During these 2 years she has taken a class to become a master colorist and is now certified as a master colorist.  This makes her skill more valuable.  Everyone in the salon knows if you want the latest in color and the best hair color look you wait on Tiffany.  Tiffany has dreams of being on stage one day teaching the latest color techniques to stylists at major hair shows.  She knows that to get there she has to study and work toward it. But in the meantime she is in high demand in this nice salon and very soon she will be moving to a higher dollar salon where she will increase her income because.....

she made herself more valuable by doing what she loves! 

Isn't it better to be a well-rounded Cosmetologist?

Of course it is to your advantage to be experienced in all aspects of hair, but not totally a reality in our world.  Stylists tend to get in a groove of doing a handful of activities and never get around to honing other skills.

Ask any stylist what is something they can't do!  The majority of us are not well versed in all hair skills.  We tend to gravitate to an area of the business we are comfortable in.

I'm not saying learn only one thing, like braiding, and forget the rest!  Heck no!

I'm saying continue to grow as a cosmetologist, but as you find a skill where you excel work to develop that skill to your potential.

As you develop that skill, the skill that you love to do, you will grow your reputation and grow your career.

What lights your fire??

We are Maximizing Careers Here! 

I'm going to keep reminding you that our goal is to fully maximize your cosmetologist career!

If you are average it only means you are the best of the worst. Doesn't sound that good, does it?

What do you want for yourself?  Did you go through cosmetology school to be an average stylist? Or did you go to cosmetology school to do the thing that you love and make a living?

If you want to make a good living it won't walk right up to you.  You need to accept that you will have to invest in it. 

But here is the really cool part!!  I am teaching you insider secrets that others don't realize. Most stylists don't accept that if they specialized and branded themselves as a specialist that their careers would take off.

Specializing is only a piece of the big picture. But do this one thing and watch how popular you become with clientele.

Niche markets are exciting and you can dominate within your niche.

So keep your mind and heart open. Listen for your Muse to whisper in your ear. She is whispering....".You are great at this. Practice, practice, practice. Keep doing this and go from great to awesome and watch your career GROW!!" 

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