Free Continuing Education
for Cosmetologists

Grow your skills easily through free continuing education for cosmetologists.

You already paid the super big bucks for cosmetology school.  Getting more education to grow your skill set doesn't have to cost you any more.

Use Your Internet Connection!

I think YouTube is one of the best things ever invented. Free to post and free to watch.

And boy are people posting! Did you realize there are 4 Billion videos watched a DAY on YouTube. Imagine the possibilities to learn new things.

It seems like everybody has something to say these days. So let's get real specific and listen.

Let's see what I can find for "How to do Balyage."

How about learning to do a Slide Braid?

I'm going to let you in on the Best FREE Online Educator!

The Free Salon Education channel on Youtube.

Another fabulous online Educator is Sam Villa. I recommend you subscribe to his YouTube channel. He does many videos himself but has other educators as well. He is a true artist and sincerely cares about our industry.

By now you may know of my clipper crush on Ivan Zoot because of his mad male grooming skills! The man isn't the Clipper Guy for nothing.  He is a genius with a set of Andes clippers.  I learned how to do a woman's long layered cut with only clippers by watching him.  When I get a longish haired man in the chair and need to show a bit of flash (remember, always be building reputation) I will do the cut all over with clippers instead of scissors.  Not only does it dazzle, but man, the hair lays so nice.  It texturizes the whole cut giving it good movement.

I'll be the first to tell you, if you know how to cut men's hair when you graduate from cosmetology school I'd be very surprised.  Please do yourself a favor and watch Ivan's tutorials before hitting the salon floor.  Otherwise, you may be a wreck when you have to use clippers for the first time on a live, paying client.

You are Only Limited by Your Imagination :)

Dig deep people!  Get super specific. I can almost guarantee there is a tutorial for anything you want to learn as a cosmetologist. And if there isn't, learn it somehow and make one. This is one of our ways to maximize your outstanding beauty career.

I told you early on that you probably won't get the good knowledge out of cosmetology school because they are mainly prepping you to pass State Board. But there are zero limits for you to learn in the real world.

It would be wise to have your own practice mannequin at home to learn new techniques you find on YouTube, unless you have some friends that are good sports.

You can color the crap out of a mannequin without fear of the hair falling out.

Start out Self-Educating ASAP

While you are in beauty school you are learning the basics of a cosmetologist.  Flesh out your education with online tutorials and practice, practice, practice while you are in school.

Imagine going for that first internship or job already knowing how to do Balayage or super tricky highlighting techniques.  You prove to your future employer that you are self motivated and a quick study. And guess what?  I would hire you over another applicant if I feel you are already ahead of where you should be.

Keep in mind we are salon hacking to maximize your career! 

The more you know the more valuable you are!

 The better you are the more valuable you are!

 The more you SHINE the more valuable you are!

You are doing everything you can to put yourself ahead of any competitors.  Anybody trying to get the same job you are is a competitor! Make it an easy decision for the salon manager. SHINE, Baby, SHINE!´╗┐

The "Not Exactly Free" but Worth it Self Education

Cosmetology Professional Product Distributors like Direct Beauty, CosmoProf and SalonCentric offer specialized classes.  Go to their websites and look at their class schedule.  Classes are usually not as available to those not living in major cities.

These classes are taught by cosmetologist educators from Professional Product Lines. Like American Crew would hold classes for male grooming or anything else that would support their product line.

There are also classes available through professional product lines.  If you want to be highly specialized and be an artist for a particular brand you may be required to go through their training program.  You will need to investigate each product line you are interested in. American Crew has an academy and the cost is around $1000. It is possible to spend a lot more money on your education but not necessary unless you choose to go after something very specific.

Another way to get additional education is through Professional Hair Shows! For example I just attended Premiere Orlando and took some classes.

Premiere Orlando Beauty Show
for Professional Cosmetologists

What an OMG! moment! Can you imagine being the model and not knowing this professional hair stylist? I wonder how the conversation went before they got on stage.  "Honey, you have beautiful hair! Don't freak out when I put my hat on your head and you hear clippers in your ears.  It's going to be alright, I promise."  Robert Cromeans never disappoints! All I can say is IMPRESSIVE.

And that is the awesome vibe of a professional hair show.  For a few days you are one of the COOL KIDS! You are in a huge convention center packed with thousands of like-minded, hair loving, black wearing, high heeled divas grabbing free samples and spending way too much money.  My adrenaline is pumping the whole time because I love our industry.

I was lucky though that I live near Orlando. There are many good shows throughout the country and if possible go to one.  I got a good pair of quality shears for $30.

Keep Your Cosmetologist Fire Burning

  If you ever find yourself needing a shot in the arm of creativity help is just a click away.  Literally, the world is at your fingertips.

 We all go through down periods where we lose our drive and feel the lack of our creative juices flowing. It doesn't have to be that way. You are a licensed professional cosmetologist and can do just about anything!

You don't have to dream of going to high end schools to get additional instruction. (Unless you really want and need to!)

You can always pop over to YouTube and spend a day learning all sorts of things.  Isn't it wonderful?!


Hey Working Stylists,                                               HOW IMPORTANT IS SKILL DEVELOPMENT?

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