Professional Hair Stylist Dress Code
I Hope You Like Black

A professional hair stylist dress code is super easy! 

One word:  BLACK. 

But I'm going to assume you knew that already. Care to know why hairdressers wear black? Check out this quick article:

Professional Hair Stylist Dress Code Thoughts

Let's go beyond the basic black and discuss other factors of the hair stylist dress code.

One reason you want to do the 'black' thing is because it distinguishes you as a professional hair stylist. I was in a class with Kelly Cardenas from Paul Mitchell (at the time) and he said no matter where he is people either think he is a rock star or a hair stylist. And he suggested keeping the look as part of who you are to establish your identity.  It is like a walking billboard offering you client building opportunities.

When going for an interview and for your technical interview, dress like a member of the team.  You want them to "see" you as a part of their salon.  You are always safe in black clothing. But if you were interviewing in a salon whose stylists wore khaki pants and blue tops, you would be better off wearing khakis and a blue blouse to your interviews.  Do you see how this imprints on the mind?

I know that your black clothes can get tiresome, so spice it up a little with gray or white.  This allows you to keep your professional image while giving you some flexibility.

Or use accessories to liven up your look! Like colored belts, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

A good piece of advice is to keep "the girls" under control! More than 2 inches of cleavage is just too much.  As professional hair stylists, our boobs often wind up right at eye level of our clients.  While the men will enjoy the view, their wives won't like it one bit.  It will actually discredit you as a professional.  The more cleavage you show the more it pulls at your reputation as a serious stylist. Plus, women don't want to look down your blouse. (as a rule, anyway)

To keep a classy, professional image, only have BAM in one area.

If you are wearing a short skirt, showing a lot of leg, keep the top modest like a loose blouse.

If you are wearing a form fitting top showing cleavage, don't wear a short skirt or tight pants. See what I mean?  Having too much BAM gives the wrong impression to maintain your professionalism.

Dress to blend in with your salon culture.

I used to work in a high income suburb salon. We had a stylist who liked to wear really crazy outfits and color her hair wild, vibrant colors like blue and green.  She was a great stylist and a lovely girl, but our clientele couldn't see past the green hair. We would actually have clients request NOT to get her.  It just wasn't what our clientele was used to expecting from us.  She fit in perfectly at a midtown salon.

Wear comfortable shoes!

Of course those high heeled boots are gorgeous. But how will your feet feel in a couple of hours with hours left on your shift?  From one professional hair stylist to another, check out my personal recommendations.´╗┐

Try to make your professional hair stylist clothing image fit your specialty.

We talked about Paige on Personal Branding dressing the part of Bridal hair stylist. You should be able to tailor your look to match your specialty while still wearing black.

Stand out in a good way.

Don't stand out in the Glamour Magazine DON'T way. (borrowed from

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