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Hioshi Shears in Order by most Ergonomic for Hand and Wrist Health

Shop....That's Salon Life for your next pair of hair cutting scissors.  I have personally tried all of the Hioshi shears and give them my hairstylist vote of confidence and recommendation. The stylists in my shop loved them too.

As a hairstylist you understand that hair shears are a very personal tool and everyone has their favorite type.

As a reminder, consider the right handle for you and a good weight.  Hair shears should not only feel good in your hand but feel good to your body, like your arm, shoulder and back.  The handle determines the angle of your hand, arm and shoulder position when cutting.  I've shown the Hioshi shears in order of ergonomics.

The absolute best you can do for your body is a swivel thumb. You can not imagine the freedom of handling odd angles of cutting in comfort until you try a swivel thumb! The Hioshi Swivel Sword shear has literally cut my pain and discomfort in half and my arm is no longer tired after a long day of cutting. It totally blew my mind on day one!

The next best option, if you are unable to adjust to a swivel thumb is a relaxed thumb shear that slants down slightly allowing your elbow to drop.

The crane handle is another great option because it provides more space between your thumb and ring finger.  The more distance you can get between those 2 fingers the better because it cuts down on hand strain.

The offset handle is next providing a little distance for your fingers.

The last handle type is the opposing handle where the finger holes are side by side.  I would not recommend this type of shear as your main working shear.  From one hairstylist to another please get away from this handle as it does the most damage to the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder.  It forces you to elevate your elbow and puts way too much strain on your hand causing tendonitis.


  •  Hand forged certified Japanese 440C stainless steel.
  • Convex cutting edge
  • Ball bearing pivot
  • Silicone finger inserts
  • Double the quality for half the price
  • No interest or finance charge
  • $150 Down $25 monthly

Quality Shears Save Careers

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