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Starting your education at any of the Paul Mitchell Schools means you just can't go wrong.

Here is my word cloud for PM The School.

I've had the pleasure of teaching classes and hosting events at these schools. Their facilities always impress me. The one in my home town is 18,000 square feet of awesome.

The staff is incredible and the pure energy of the building is contagious.

When you go in cosmetology schools you can see a wide range of behavior.  What I have witnessed in Paul Mitchell schools, though, are happy students who are enthusiastic about learning.

What the Paul Mitchell system knows, and is really good at, is keeping energy high and trailblazing on the wings of passion and lust for everything HAIR. 

Paul Mitchell Schools

The School (the short name for PM schools) is wonderful about growing students' creativity.  They bring in guest artists to teach specialty techniques and help the students stay engaged with their education.

They provide support, encourage charitable work and hold competitions.

The Schools use their own cutting system and their own product line.  By the time you graduate from cosmetology school with Paul Mitchell you will know their product line inside and out, which gives you an added advantage starting your beauty career.

To learn more about the Paul Mitchell Schools, go to FAQ.

Dovetailing Your Career
off the Apron Strings of the
Paul Mitchell Brand

Reputation by association.

If you associate with criminals and thugs, people will see you as a criminal and thug.

If you hang out with leaders in industry, you boost your own reputation by association.  Another smooth salon hacker technique. wink, wink

So you can see, by starting your beauty career in a Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School, you are giving yourself an advantage by establishing a more professional reputation.

It looks good on your resume, but better than that, they are a very trusted brand in the beauty industry.  Any manager that interviews you will be expecting great things because you were trained by industry professionals. A manager will know that you at least know the Paul Mitchell product line and should be able to sell the retail from the beginning.

An education from The School will be a strong foundation to build your beauty career upon no matter where you decide to work.

Care for a little taste of the culture? Paul Mitchell hosts a yearly education event called The Gathering.  It's held in Las Vegas in August and they spare no expense.  It is a hair extravaganza. Feel the lust!

Holy Moly!  If that doesn't get in your blood then you just weren't meant to be a professional hair stylist.

Now get off the couch and go to school.

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