Interviewing Body Language:
Is Your Body Working Against You?

Interviewing body language can mean the difference between being employed and unemployed.

You may have all the right answers but if your body is subconsciously telling another story you may lose out.

Recently I interviewed a new stylist who was adorable but her body told me she had absolutely no confidence. As a manager I had to make a call based on my salon's needs. I was willing to hire a newbie but I didn't have the time to develop confidence in a stylist.  I needed someone to catch on quick and hit the floor. 

I don't profess to know a bunch about the impact the of body language, however, I do study it as a hobby.  Amazingly, it's like knowing how to speak another language that others don't know.  I enjoy watching interactions of strangers while attempting to understand what is really going on underneath.

Interviewing Body Language to
Help You Win Over the Manager

I can't adequately describe what you need to know, so I'm letting you learn from the professionals.

The first one will help you with your initial impression as a professional hair stylist.  The videos speak mostly to "business people" situations but easily applies to salon life, too.

Things like eye contact and handshakes are just as important to salon jobs as in the corporate world.

Uh....NO!  Cold Fish.´╗┐

I want her on MY team!

Listen up my newbies. We are now hacking interviewing body language. Take notes.

I especially like this next one on faking charisma.  It works.  Combine this with Power Posing and you can't miss.

Not everyone is at ease interviewing.  It can really be nerve wracking. And not everyone is gifted with a charming personality. That's why I included this one.  I have a friend that has anxiety disorder and he can fake charisma better than anybody I know!  Enough that he keeps landing $100,000 jobs in corporate America.

Power Posing to Enhance Your
Interviewing Body Language

You've heard me mention power posing throughout this website because it is that valuable.

Even if you are confident by nature you can benefit from knowing how to increase your presence at any time.

Power Pose before making initial contact with a manager and your body language will support your efforts instead of derailing you.

I put a lot of faith in Amy Cuddy.  She is a professor at Harvard and has done a lot of research on the subject.  All of her techniques apply to your life in the salon.

The next video is another take on power posing.

Keep it in Mind

I added this interviewing body language page to help you out while you are in your interviewing stage to begin your beauty career.

Power Pose before any interview, make eye contact, use a firm handshake, SMILE and you will be fine.

Don't obsess about it but remember the basics. You will be great.

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