Hair Stylist Business Cards:  Putting Butts in Your Chair!

We may be living in a fast paced digital age but your hair stylist business cards are still very important to your marketing efforts.  And your marketing efforts equals butts in the chair.

Wherever you begin your beauty career, get your business cards made as soon as possible.  Cards will help you build clientele and help you pay your bills. 

 It is a valuable tool for growing a successful beauty career.´╗┐

Franchise Salons:
Hair Stylist Business Cards

 If you are working in a franchise salon they will most likely provide a generic business card where you can write your name.  That would be at no cost to you but it is also not very professional looking.  Your franchise would determine if it is alright to have your own cards made.  Most of the franchises I've encountered would not as they want all stylists being consistent with the brand.

Using your business cards in a franchise salon is still a vital piece of your efforts.  Why, if you are only doing walk-in clients?  Because even though you are working in a franchise salon you are still building clientele. 

Throughout your beauty career you will ALWAYS be building clientele, always!  In our business, like any other, there will be lean months.  Having a strong clientele in a franchise salon will keep your chair full while others sit and spin the day away.  Tips are a large part of a stylist's income.  Those loyal clients keep cash in your pockets. 

Private Salons: 
Hair Stylist Business Cards

Buying your business cards will likely be something you do on your own and pay for yourself.  It's possible that your new salon already has a template made at a local printer.  You will just order them through the printer with your information added.  Having the same cards as the other stylists reinforces the brand of the salon.

So right away, ask your manager about their hair stylist business card policy. 

 Do they have a printing company they use?

 Do you need to have the same cards as the other stylists?

Can you have your own made? 

She may offer to purchase your cards for you.  Every salon is different.  They could do a payroll deduction.  The important part is get them as soon as possible.  You need to use them immediately.

How to Effectively Use Your
Hair Stylist Business Cards

Business cards began as "calling cards."  When a person visited someone and the someone wasn't there, they would leave a "calling card" to let the them know they had come by.  You might say it was like the early form of voice mail.

That evolved into business cards used for networking, easy contact information, and reminders.

Eventually everything will be electronic, but for now a hairdresser still needs her business cards.

You use them from "behind the chair" by making sure every client you see has your card.  Also give them a couple of extras to pass along to friends. 

You will use them out of the salon to market yourself.

People love to help people they like.

We can use this psychological fact by asking your clients to help you, in a relaxed manner, of course. 

 For example,   "Jeannie, I love doing your hair. If you have some friends or family that you think would like me, I promise to give them the same special treatment I give you.  Here are a few more cards for you to give them.  For every referral I get from you I can give you $XXXX off of your following service.  I appreciate your help!"

Of course, any referral program will have to be approved by your salon owner/manager.  They may have a program already in place.  They should, anyway. But they may also allow you some flexibility in this area since you are working off of commission.  This technique will be very helpful in building your clientele from scratch.

While We Are On The Subject.....Client Value

Let me give you some interesting perspective right now about building clientele.

It costs a whole lot more to get a NEW client than to keep one!!

If a client comes to you the first time and gets a haircut for $20 + a $5 tip, and never returns to you, that client is worth $25.  End of story. Spend the $5 on Starbucks and call it a day.

BUT.....and here is the cool part, let's consider the LIFETIME VALUE OF THE SAME CLIENT

Say this client gets a haircut every other month, plus a color service every 3 months worth $100.

$100 X 4 = $400

$20 X 6 = $120

$5 X 6 = $30

$15 tip on color X 4 = $45

For a years total of $595 in services and tips for YOU!

Multiply that by 10 years and you get $5950. 

Do that math for every client that sits in your chair in a weeks time and you can clearly see the value in client retention!!!´╗┐

What should be on my first
Hair Stylist Business Cards?

Include on your card:

Your name

Your phone number

Name and address of the salon OR if freelancing, your email address and website

An image or logo that supports your theme

Be conscious of your color scheme to agree with your target market

Your "business" Social Handles

Avoid clutter. 

You want a very simple design that indicates your type of salon and your type of clientele. 

This is very important so put some real thought into your design.  

 If you were a barber working in a barber shop you wouldn't want a frilly design. See what I mean?  It just doesn't fit, and it's confusing to a prospective client.  In fact, a man would trash it.  UNLESS, Fred was short for Frederica and she worked in a barbershop of hot, boob-a-licious women!!  And Fred also specialized in short women's cuts.  Then and only then would this design work, but I would still change a lot.  It doesn't scream Hair Design.

Once again, make your design fit your salon and your clientele.

This isn't the best, but it is much more in line than the barber shop card.

Want good Hair Stylist Business Cards design options? has got some great designs and quick turn around, too.  They have some awesome pics for your beauty career. They make it easy to tailor the design to your target market.

I'm also fond of Zazzle's promotional business card designs.  Check those out to get ideas for growing your clientele. (Like the 6 punches, get something free)

I told you they were CRAZY GOOD. If you are ready to shop for your new cards follow this link to Zazzle & help support


Card Shapes

We have talked about finding your muse and specializing in your beauty career.  You may not be able to begin your career doing only your specialty but down the road you can. Keep that in your mind.  Here are some ideas for your hair stylist business card design tailored to your specialty:

Pinup girl hair design:  Retro pinup girl

Bridal Hair Design:  Wedding Theme with wedding colors

Hair Extensions:  Long flowing lines

Color Specialist:  Color Wheel

Makeup Artist:  Makeup brushes, lipstick, a fancy eye

I know this sounds like common sense, but once you sit down to actually design your hair stylist business cards your mind can go blank and you lose your common sense.  More is not better! Keep it simple and stick to a theme.

And one more thing:  Never leave home without them on you!!!  You are a professional now and your career is your business.  Take it seriously and never miss an opportunity to market yourself. 

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