Cosmetologist Confessions

Listen to these cosmetologist confessions if you ever wondered what goes on behind the breakroom door of a salon.

@getoutmychair: Those days you don't eat or drink anything all day &nearlypee yourself 3xs cause you have nothing but back to back appt.”

— Karina Maria (@AnaniS2) August 30, 2013

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Plot twist: he actually had lice instead of built up scalp #hairstylistprobs #hopenot

— haley. (@HaleyFischer) September 13, 2014

As a cosmetologist, you will be tried. You will be tested.

And you will be rewarded!

A professional cosmetologist knows to keep it behind the break room door!

A Cosmetologist Perseveres! 

A cosmetologist is faced with daily challenges.  But the great part of these challenges is at the end of the day we can leave them in the salon!

It's not a stressful career that raises your blood pressure constantly, only in short bursts!

Just remember to take care of yourself.  When it gets to be too much, take sanctuary behind the break room door and BREATHE.

The next client will be better!

Gather your strength, calm your nerves and get back out there because you can't make money from the break room!

Well said!!

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