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Cosmo Life PRO, Your Career Launch
January 18, 2017
Glorious Salutations New Professionals!

Hi everybody!

I've always thought it was a crime that most of us graduate from beauty school and don't know how to cut hair or even what is the best choice salon to begin our career. I mean, seriously, all that money it costs for school and they can't do better??

I work as a trainer/stylist and am absolutely amazed at the lack of knowledge new graduates have. But as bad as your neighborhood cosmetology school can be, imagine what level of education students are receiving in High School cosmetology programs! It's basically study hall with State Board head.

I get new graduates to train that are scared out of their minds to touch a human being in a salon. As I dig deeper at a trainer level I can't help but ask about people's experiences.

I am really curious about how you began your career. Were you scared? Did you have any training in your first salon? Did you have any support in your first salon? How long did you stay there?

Give me some stories I can talk about! I hope you all have gained something useful from that has helped you navigate your career.

Keep on making the world more beautiful.

Blessings, Christy

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