Your Cosmetologist Career -
Make it Whatever You Want!

Awesome! You want to take a closer look at your cosmetologist career. I’m excited for you because making the decision is the first step to a new, exciting life.

But what exactly is a cosmetologist?  According to Webster, a cosmetologist is a person who gives beauty treatments.  Ha, I don't think I have ever given a "beauty treatment."

Client with color foils

However, as a cosmetologist who has passed a state board exam I am licensed to:

  •   Cut hair
  •   Shampoo hair
  •   Color hair
  •   Straighten hair
  •   Curl hair
  •   Roll hair
  •   Weave hair
  •   Braid hair
  •   Style hair
  •   Blow outs
  •   Hair extensions
  •   Do manicures
  •   Do pedicures
  •   Polish nails
  •   Do acrylic nails
  •   Bejewel nails
  •   Do facials
  •   Any and all body waxing, even the funky parts
  •   Dye eybrows
  •   Do paraffin treatments
  •   Do make up artistry of my choice
  •   AND within each of these things are other things.

Heck, just reading that back makes me tingly all over again.  Those are a lot of skills, a lot of skills that people wish they had every day.  

When I'm asked who does my hair it's still fun saying ME, I'm a stylist!

Most get a touch of envy cross their face as they secretly long for that talent.

TRUTH BOMB:  There is never a reason to be bored as a cosmetologist unless you choose not to grow.   Amen?

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Sidebar:     I’m going to keep putting responsibility back on YOU because this is YOUR cosmetologist career!

Your SUCCESSES & failures are all on YOU.

But that's Great News.  

That means YOUR CAREER is under YOUR CONTROL.

I have never once regretted my cosmetologist career, I only wish I had gone to cosmetology school sooner in life.  I’ve told you the wonderful side of a beauty career, now let’s look at the cons:

  •   Ummmm, standing on your feet all day.  (Believe me when I say you get used to it quickly. Wear the right shoes, keep yourself at an average weight, stretch and you will have a long career.)
  •   Uhhh, high maintenance clients. Sorry, it goes with the territory. You WILL be challenged from time to time. But you are a professional! A little tact goes a long way.
  • Only a small percentage of those with a beauty career make the really BIG bucks.  That doesn’t mean it won’t be you!  Your cosmetologist career is in YOUR hands and the heights you take it are totally under your control.   OH WAIT, that's a Pro!

OK, that’s all I’ve got.  I love the business! I’m a proud professional hair stylist and as long as you start your cosmetologist career with the right frame of mind and passion you will be blessed in ways you never imagined too.

Being a cosmetologist gives you the ability to move freely within the beauty industry. 

It is a license to walk you in most beauty doors.

Ivan Zoot serves as Director of Education and Training at Andis Company, Inc. Ivan has 15 years experience as an Andis Clipper educator. He has a successful salon and three Guinness World haircutting records, his expertise as a stylist and educator is unrivaled and can be seen in numerous hair shows and haircutting videos. He has also taken his knowledge to the product side of the business becoming a hair care product manufacturer and inventing many salon tools-taken from Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Ivan serves as an excellent example for taking a cosmetologist career to great heights!

(Those students don't know how lucky they are to be in an Ivan Zoot class!)

What do you want to do with
YOUR Cosmetologist Career?

 But it’s ok if you have a strong passion for nails only.  You want to be a make up artist? That’s great too. Or you are all about skin care.  You can definitely pursue these beauty careers on their own and be successful.  Just check the future outlook on each to make sure there is enough demand where you wish to live to support more practitioners.

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